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St Peter's R.C Church - Cardiff

St Peters U11s Rugby Team 1924-5

Above is a photo of St Peter's U11s Rugby Team in 1924-5

Two teachers the imfamous Dia Hegarty. With moustache. Johnny Lord was the other Teacher.

The boy next to (Mr Johnny Lord) is one of the Gage family.  The boy next a Crimmins. Next a Carbis. Boy holding the ball is I think Garret O' Neill, Son of Billy O' Neill. Garret was my mother first cousin (my grandmother was Catherine O'Neill brother of Billy). Billy was first Catholic to play Rugby for Wales



First "Welshman" to play Rugby League. Can any one else identify the other boys? Billy had to change the spelling of his   name to not sound Catholic.

The long remembered Dia. Hegarty was the Headmaster at St. Peters Boys school till around 1948;

St Peters U11s Rugby Team 1949

Above image is the first Rugby Team formed after St. Peters Junior mixed school was set up in September 1949.


This means your school is over 70 years old this school year 2020.


Previously girls and boys had been educated separately after Infants school up to the age of 14/15 years.


The Photograph was taken against the Bomb Shelter in the old St Peters Junior Playground in St Peter’s Street.


The colours of the Jerseys were also changed controversially at this time from the traditional school colours of Emerald & Black


The School/Rugby Year is 1951/52.


The names of all present are as follows;-


(Back Left sitting) Peter Stone, John Sweeney, Bernard O’Keefe, Anthony Canham, Anthony Coughlin,

Peter Mitcham, Cecil Bingham, Edward Spillane, Paul Gardner, Mr John (Johnny) Lord. Deputy Head Teacher, Form 4A.


(Front Left sitting ) Mr  Peter (Chic) Fearby, Teacher Form 2A) Anthony Tucker, John Powell,

 Michael Manley, Bernard Palphrey, Capt., Clifford Pennington, Bernard Lewis, Raymond Corsi,  Mr.Ronald O’Leary Teacher Form 3A.


(Front Left squatting)  Brian O’Callaghan, Philip Driscoll.     


NB. Three boys wearing Cardiff Under 11s  School caps: Michael Manley,   Bernard Palphrey, Capt, Clifford Pennington,


Anthony Canham went on to represent Wales at Rugby at schools Under 15s and Youth and was a regular centre for Cardiff Rugby Club’s First Team in the 1960s


Raymond Corsi later represented at Rugby The Royal Air Force, United Services & New Brighton.


The following played Rugby for St. Peters RFC. John Sweeney, Bernard O’Keefe, Peter Mitcham, Cecil Bingham, Bernard Palphrey, Bernard Lewis, Raymond Corsi, Philip Driscoll.     


NB;- nearly all the names are Irish. The boys with English, Welsh or Italian names had mothers with Irish names.  Somewhat different to the ethnic mix of St. Peters, Junior mixed School today. 

Above photos & text, kindly supplied by Mr John Sweeney