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The Church will be open for HOLY MASS

SATURDAY - 5.30pm

SUNDAY - 9.30am & 11.30am



MAXIMUM 100 parishioners each Mass.

CONFESSIONS : Every Weekday in church at 10.30 ( after mass) till 11,30 AM



In line with Goverment recommendations - A face mask will now be required when you come to mass unless you have a genuine medical condition .

As you enter please use the hand sanitisers,please keep social distance, use the one-way system as the kind stewards will assist you. Please sign in for reasons of contact and illness. Please pray for all parishioners, especially those who are ill and unable to come.   A priest is available to talk, just ask.   Enjoy your time at St Peters Church.  TELL YOUR FRIENDS

The church might be closed, but the priests & parish are still here & active. If you can still donate something please use the following details to send a donation to your parish.  Any donations are very gratefully received during these unprecedented times

  • PayPal - Very easy - just click HERE to go direct to our charity donation page & simply choose an amount to donate.

  • Bank Transfer, Cheque or Standing order to

         Account: Archdiocese of Cardiff, St. Peter’s Cardiff -  Sort Code: 20-18-23  Account No: 0374396



Emergency Coronavirus Appeal. In the world’s poorest countries. Health care systems are not coping with the coronavirus and families are going hungry because people cannot go out to earn money. Our local experts are providing emergency food, clean water and health advice. We teach awareness-raising sessions in countries where emergency food was also distributed.




Spiritual Communion - Prayer of St Alphonsus 

My Jesus, I believe that you are present in this Holy Sacrament of the altar.

I love you above all things and I passionately desire to receive you into my soul.
Since I cannot now receive you sacramentally,

come spiritually into my soul so that I may unite myself wholly to you

now and forever.




Zoom prayer on Friday & Tuesday at 6.00pm
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Meeting ID: 790 7736 3714
Password: novena



For Anyone Considering Suicide

Jesus says:

I have many things to say to those who are considering this act of self-harm. I love you. I see your pain. I understand that you long for relief from your anguish. Please, bring your anguish to Me. I can help you. You are so valuable to the Kingdom and I need you to help bring Me to others.

“How?” you say, in your great interior grief. “How could I possibly be helpful to Jesus and to others?”

I will tell you. Your pain is the pain of many in the world today. Many souls feel your grief, your hopelessness. Many carry heavy crosses of illness and addiction, loneliness and hopelessness, rejection and anxiety. Many of My children look into their future and see only more grief and pain and this takes their courage from them. Dearest friend, you must not do this. Do not look into tomorrow and expect today’s pain to be repeated. You are not certain of such an occurrence. You cannot be certain because I, God, could change your life during this day, today. You must remain in this day, in the present, because I have given you adequate grace to deal with your cross. It is only when you look into the future and think that your Jesus will send you no relief that you find life unmanage able. Understand this. Your life is only unmanageable if you put Me out of it. If you let Me into your heart, into your life, I will make it not only manageable, but joyful.....From the ARK Prayer group.




Your Catholic Papers can be delivered to your home:

Cafod offers us Childrens’ LiturgySundays at 10.00am -


General News & Information:

Corpus Christi Procession in 1961

The annual Corpus Christi procession in Cardiff brought together huge numbers of Catholics to celebrate the Eucharist .

Click HERE to watch a newsreel of this event from 1961 taken by William Brenig Jones

The Catholic Bishops of England and Wales 

have recorded a talk with Professor Jim McManus, director of public health for Hertfordshire and a key contributor to the Bishops' Conference Healthcare Reference Group for the Catholic Church.  He worked on the bishops' guidelines for Catholics. In this recording, he talks about how we can all do our bit to combat the spread and keep ourselves safe - especially the most vulnerable members of our society. There is also guidance from the Archbishop of Westminster Cardinal Vincent Nichols on how to respond to the crisis. CSAN and SVP have collaborated on producing guidance on volunteering and other options during the crisis. CSAN has created a dedicated coronavirus webpage which is constantly under development.  


Please sign up to and read of their influence and success in this area.  On a personal level: Consider using filtering software to protect your family computer, especially for children.



If any parishioner has storage space they don’t use [such as a garage or spare room] please consider allowing the SVP to store small amounts of furniture needed to support  those who are waiting for Council or other furniture grants. These grants sometimes take many weeks to be authorised and temporary support from the SVP allows people to have the necessary furniture and white goods as soon as they move into their new accommodation. If you can help please ring 07906 101015



Can you spare a few hours a week to visit and support hospital patients as a chaplaincy volunteer. For information about how you can help please contact the Chaplaincy Department. Tel: 02921 843230 / Email


Heaven’s Road Catholic Online Radio featuring prayers, interviews and music to appeal to a Catholic audience, can be accessed on  They always need volunteers and funds as they are a non-profit organisation run by unpaid volunteers, so any donation would be very welcome. Visit for more information.


A simple solution to world hunger. There are many ways to play a part in this mission, working with the world’s poorest communities to bring hope to hungry children every school day. If you would like more information or to donate, email or phone 0800 698 1212


The Parish Society of St. Vincent de Paul has a new website why not visit the site and see what we’ve been doing. Can you support us?   Donations can also be made in person to one of the SVP Parish team or there is a collection box on the wall at the back of the church when it is open. Donations to the SVP are always welcome as you consider our local needy families. 

Old Mobile Phones

If you have a mobile phone which you are no longer using or are about to upgrade to a newer phone, could you please consider donating your old one to the Parish SVP Please contact Paul O’Brien on 07545 230711



Normally to book the Hall, please either phone the Office or email Maria on


St. Peter’s Bereavement Befriending Group which offers a listening ear. Please speak to Paul Warren (Music Group) if you are interested phone him on 029 2049 8016 / 07582 478742 or email


Please note that the new permanent e-mail address for the Parish is

Parish Office Opening Hours: Monday-Wednesday and Friday : 9.15 am-1.15 am