Weekly Prayer Intentions

St. Peter's Church - Cardiff

Weekly Prayer intentions

Dear Prayer Link Community

Hope you are all well and have had a good week. The weather continues to bless us with sun during this period of lock-down.

As the weeks continue we will all have new obstacles to overcome, hopefully the prayer intentions will comfort us, as well as linking in prayer to help others in the parish community and further afield.

Thank you for praying for the intentions. Please remember in your daily prayers this week

  • Please remember deceased parishioners and their families who have not been able to have a funeral service in church during this period : Michael Stevens; Allen Davies; Lidia Savini; Theresa Mountjoy; Patricia Leighfield; Rosa Puglini; Dennis Aherne; James Whelan; Dorothy Demanuel; Mary McNamara; Jean Hoskins, Jean Hoskins, Hugh Gwyther. Margaret Hoffer, Hugh Gwyther. Patricia Ireland, John O’Brien, Violet Belt, Shiobhan Dolan


  • We are nearing what would normally be an important time of the year for students taking exams.  Let us remember all our young people and pray that they have strength to accept that things will be very different this year, but they are not alone.  We pray that in August decisions are made to allow our young people to move forward in the right direction to fulfill their potential.


  • Remember parishioners who as the weeks pass will be finding the lack of contact from family and friends more difficult.  

  • Pray for all those who are unwell, many without the comfort of family and friends around them.

  • Please can we remember those who are not able to accompany their loved ones when in hospital and need their support.

  • Our front-line workers in hospitals and in care homes who are giving exceptional service to those who are vulnerable at this time and in the months to follow. 

  • Remember those who are not fortunate enough to have loved ones and friendships in place during these exceptional times when they are so much needed. Pray that those around them will stretch out a hand of friendship.


  • We take for granted the internet access we have. Remember parishioners that do not have access to the internet, so are unable to access the contact with the Parish and world we have via the internet.  

  • St Peter's Night Shelter project provided shelter and food for many over the cold winter months on a Friday night. The support given will have enabled those less fortunate to be in a stronger position to face these months of uncertainty. Please can we pray that those who wished to be supported have been given suitable accommodation and those who preferred to stay outside are supported by the outreach officers and other charities in Cardiff.


  • Importantly can we remember all those with mental health problems within the parish community and wider. Let us pray that they receive the help and support needed.

Our prayers as a Prayer Link Community make a difference.

God Bless

Prayer Coordinator

Prayer Links - St Peter's Parish