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Ascribed Members of the Rosminian Order.
Members meet each month to discuss aspects of the teachings of Antonio Rosmini.

Association of Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration Lay Apostolate
Adorers pledge to spend one hour per week in silent adoration.
Wednesdays from 10.00 am to 8.00 pm in St David's Chapel.

Morning Prayer
This is the prayer, which unites us with all the people in the world who celebrate the daily Divine Office. The Office includes psalms, readings and intercessions for the Church and the world.
Meet: 9.15 am Monday to Thursday in St. David's Chapel.

Divine Mercy Group
The group meets every week to recite the Chaplet of Mercy, praying for special intentions for peace, conversion of sinners, our Pope, Christian unity, the sick and the dying. Spiritual reading from the messages of merciful love.
Meet: Weekly on Mondays, in the Presbytery.

Third Order of Our Lady of Mount Carmel
Essentially a praying group: Mass, Rosary, Little Office of Our Lady. Serving the Church as talents direct.
Meet: 1st Friday of the month at 8.00 pm in the Presbytery.

First Frday Devotions.

Meet at 3.0pm - 4.0pm on the First Friday of every month in St. David's Chapel.

Secular Franciscan Order
We try to live the Gospel life after the manner of St. Francis, taking the Sacraments frequently, treating others as divine gifts, respecting creation. Meet: 1st Tuesday of the month in the presbytery at 2.00pm.

Tuesday Prayer Group.
An Ecumenical prayer group who meet to praise God using the charismatic gifts of the Holy Spirit. The needs of the group, its members, the Parish and the wider world are prayed for. Songs, psalms and scripture readings form part of the meeting.
Meet: Weekly on Tuesdays at 7.30 to 9.00 pm in St. David's Chapel.

The Rosary is offered before the evening Mass on Fridays.
Meet: 7.10 pm in St. David's Chapel.


If you wish to join any of the groups or seek further information, please contact the Parish Priest via the Parish Office: Tele: 029 20483394