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DEADLINE FOR NEWSLETTER ITEMS - Wednesday afternoon By telephone, drop off a note to the Presbytery, or email




We have appointed Dee Blackwood as our Office and Hall Administrator. She will be working in the Presbytery from Monday to Thursday, 9.15 am - 1.15 pm.



You may have noticed that the boxes at the back of the church marked ‘Holy Souls’ and ‘Alms’ have been swapped around. This was done to address the fact that the ‘Alms’ box was difficult to access, leading to few offerings. The giving of alms is critical to the work done by the parish to help impoverished parishioners and those in need of help. It is hoped that the new location will lead to an increase in donations. Those wishing to donate for the Holy Souls can do so by putting money in the box behind the newspaper table.



If you know of anyone who is lonely or isolated and would like a visit or support from the SVP, please contact Peter Sullivan on 07906101015



The envelopes for the next tax year are now in the porch. If you are a tax-payer and not yet part of the Gift Aid scheme, please speak to William Rees who will be at the table in the Porch after both Masses. This is a simple way of increasing your support for the parish by 25% using tax transfers



These are to be opened this month by our Parish Promoters whose names are on the boxes. Please do not leave any boxes in the church or at the presbytery or hand them to our priests. Individual arrangements are made to collect monies and boxes may be left in the shop. If you would like a Mission Box or have any queries please ring 2049 4003. Read how the donations are used in Mission Today magazine. Last year over £3,000 was in our parish boxes. Even small donations are important.



This is an organisation which helps single adult Catholics of all ages meet, either one to one or through social events. Tel 0161 941 3498, visit our website or email



We welcome into the Rosminian Community at St. Peter's our parishioner, William Rees, who has entered the first stage of his discernment of a vocation to the Religious Life. This period of postulancy will be based here in Cardiff until September, with short periods visiting other Rosminian Communities. Please keep him in your prayers



WEEKDAY MASSES - For the foreseeable future, the 8 am Mass will be celebrated on Fridays & Saturdays only.

St. Peter's Church - Cardiff