Refugee Project

There is a meeting this Tuesday (15th) at 7pm for ALL involved in the project. We are making good progress in our work to receive council approval of our structures and it is increasingly important that we get to know our fellow team members from the mosques.


The project co-ordinators have a meeting in County Hall this Friday (20th April) which

we hope will result in approval of our application. The main fund-raising event

in Dar-ul Isra has been postponed until late June.


We continue to develop our organisation in partnership with Dar ul Isra and Al Manar Mosques to bring a refugee family to Cardiff later this year. Our volunteers are split into 3 groups and will be

meeting separately in the coming weeks for more detailed planning.


From St. Peter's, the people so far involved are as follows:-


First Friends Group:

Responsible for initial befriending of the family and ensuring the house is ready:

Fr. Tony & Sister Ruth (Lead Co-ordinators)

Blerta Merrchi

Frank Callus

Emilia Belli

Theresa Markus

Meeting in the presbytery Thursday, 12th April at 7pm.



Schools, Services & Utilities Group Co-ordinator:- Dr. Meraf Hassan

Terence Topham

Mary McGarry

Sue Lent

John Stanton

Mike Randell

William Rees

Meeting to be arranged.


Language & Translation Group - Co-Ordinator:- Sahar Al-Faifi

Atheel Jameel

Raad Abd-alahad

Paul O’Brien

Meeting to be arranged.





Our co-operation with Dar-Ul-Isra and Al Manar Mosques is developing well and should enable our group, named “Croeso Roath/Cathays”, to welcome a refugee family from the war-torn Middle East by Easter.


This approach is the initiative of the Home Office and is based on the success of Community Sponsorship methods in Canada which have settled several thousand refugee families in recent years.


For more information on our work or to offer your time or finance, please talk to Fr Tony.





Co-ordinators, Fr Tony and Sahar Al-Faifi (from Dar-ul-Isra mosque) are attending a compulsory training session at the Home Office in London on Monday 26th. This will bring together a large group of like-minded project leaders from all over England and Wales. Meanwhile, Home Office Inspectors are coming to Cardiff to

interview the coordinators on 8th & 9th March, so the process is advancing.


Thanks for your donations so far.


Cheques payable to “St Peter’s” can be handed in to the presbytery.




Previous update

The main project co-ordinators had a very positive meeting with Cardiff Council last week as we move towards obtaining their letter of support which is part of our application for Home Office approval. The wheels of administration do not turn rapidly, unfortunately, and it now looks as if we won’t be ready to accept a refugee

family before May or June. That gives us more time to build up our finances. Thanks for your donations so far.







The co-ordinators have now submitted the main application forms to Cardiff Council and the Home Office. It is still a realistic expectation that we will be able to welcome a refugee family around Easter. There is a target figure of £9,000 to be raised in the next couple of months to ensure a sound financial base for things like English classes, initial expenses to prepare the house, transport and food. If you can help with a one-off donation, cheques can be made out to “St Peters” and delivered to the presbytery.












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