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Parish Team: Fr. Tony Furlong and Fr.George Puthoor and Fr. Jim McKnight
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The Legion of Mary
Visiting sick, elderly, lonely, hospital and residential homes. We visit people of all denominations.
Meet: Monday 2.0 pm in the Parish Room.

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul (S.V.P.)
We make family visits, visit the elderly, residential homes and patients in Hospital, we help those who need financial help, deliver food parcels etc. We help anyone in need. We collect furniture and deliver it to those who need it.
Meet: on First Sunday of each Month at 10.30 am in the Parish Room.

St. Martha Bereavement Group
The group keep in touch with recently bereaved. Two members of the group attend at Requiem Masses and place the Pall (white cloth) over the coffin. A sympathy card is given to the family after the service.

Signini Group.
Members attend Mass at Cardiff Prison on Friday afternoons.

If you wish to join any of the groups or seek further information, please contact the Parish Priest via the Parish Office:
Tele: 029 20483394